How did you get your podcast name?

You may have seen the popular "Safe Sex T-Rex says..." drawing that has been going around the internet for a while. Well, that's part of our inspiration but (wait) there's more. Nathan's last name is Trexler so his nickname has almost always been "T-Rex," so when Brittany was trying to think of names for the podcast she said "Well I guess I'll be the safe sex half and Nathan can be the T-Rex." The idea stuck and here we are. Brittany is excited to become a T-Rex herself and truly embody the Safe Sex T-Rex name. 

When do you post new episodes?

Can't listen fast enough? We totally understand! We post new episodes every month. As you're waiting be sure to check in for updates here on the website and on our social media accounts. Follow us so you can find extras and info on what we're up to when we aren't podcasting! As the show continues to grow, our patreon will feature “quickie” episodes with fun extra bonus content and trivia!

What podcasts do you listen to?

There are so many fantastic podcasts. We're currently addicted to Oh No Ross and Carrie, Sawbones, Ear Hustle, Court Appointed, and Moms and Murder (just to name a few). Let us know if you think there are any podcasts we need to add to our list!